Course Outline

In this post, you will find the course outline, below the fold.

Lecture 1. Introduction. What’s development.

Lecture 2: Measures of Economic Development

Lecture 3: Global Comparisons

Lecture 4: Global Comparisons (contd.)

Lecture 5, 6: Growth Theories: Harrod-Domar

Lecture 7, 8: Structural Change: Lewis Model

Lecture 9: July 4th HOLIDAY!!!

Lecture 10: Solow Growth Model

Lecture 11, 12: Endogenous Growth Model: Romer

Lecture 13, 14: Case Studies: China, India

Lecture 15: Revision

Lecture 16th: Midterm Exam

Lecture 17th: Population

Lecture 18th: Energy

Lecture 19th, 20th: Urbanization

Lecture 21st, 22nd: Sustainability, Climate change, Environment

Lecture 23rd, 24th: Globalization

Lecture 25th, 26th: Education

Lecture 27th, 28th: Role of Technology

Lecture 29th: Corruption

Lecture 3oth: Review

Lecture 31st: Final Exam

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